About Dualens

Dualens is an online retailer, based in sunny Southern California, focused on bringing stylish &
quality eyewear. We are fortunate to be exposed to the diverse lifestyles and cultures that SoCal has
to offer. Home to some of the most influential subcultures and traditions, SoCal movements have
become the driving inspirational force for our designs. From the lively beach lifestyle found in the
coastal cities to the urban cultures in LA, Southern California is the perfect place to foster innovation
and design.
Dualens was founded in 2016 with the philosophy that glasses can do more than just provide clear
vision. We strive to offer eyewear that set the precedent for current and future trends, yet provide
products with an affordable cost.

Our Goal

Here at Dualens, we take pride in our efforts in ensuring that each product is offered beyond
expectations. From the start of design, to the manufacturing process, all the way to our own optical
labs, and finally at your doorsteps, each step is meticulously tracked, inspected, and carried out to
meet the Dualens standard.
Our strong relationship with our manufacturers allow us to offer products with exceptional quality. By
cutting out the expenses of a traditional retailer, we are able to provide our customers with
remarkable products at a remarkable price point. We hope you are as excited to wear your
Dualens glasses and sunglasses as we are!


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